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How are people celebrating HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH?

Posted by graham - 2013-02-21 01:37

I wonder, what are people doing to celebrate Hexagonal Awareness Mont this year? What sort of family or classroom activities could one plan to help raise HEXAGONAL AWARENESS, particularly among those who perhaps have not given it much thought in the past?

Perhaps if there were some sort of list of local gatherings in particular cities and whatnot, it could help people connect with other hexagonal awareness celebrants in their area?

Can anyone think of any features or resources that could be added to this site in advance of Hexagonal Awareness Month to help potential celebrants confront these issues?

Welcome to the new Hexagonal Awareness Month site

Posted by hexagonalawareness - 2013-02-19 17:09

Here we will post matters of import to the hexagonal awareness community.

Feel free to discuss anything relevant to hexagons in the Forum.