New announcement

Exciting news everyone. Due to the impending return of HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH, I've forced myself to endure the somewhat painstaking process of making this site minimally functional again. Henceforth, anonymous commenting and user posting have been reinstated, and all are once again invited to share their thoughts and feelings on the upcoming month in the forum, in blog comments, &c.

As previously mentioned, Hexnet remains our preeminent hexagonal awareness site of record, where we would direct the interested visitor looking to learn more about hexagons and the hexagonal awareness lifestyle.

Submitted by hexagonalawareness - 2014-02-16 02:50

This is indeed good news, admin. I think I speak for the entire hexagonal awareness community when I say that I am greatly looking forward to another year of vibrant discussion and reflection on this most important of all awareness months.

Serious question!

Submitted by anonymous - 2019-08-24 18:55

I have an odd question and I hope you guys take me seriously. For about 6 months, at random times upon waking in the middle of the night, I am seeing honeycomb shapes/ hexagonal shapes for about 5 mins. The time varies as to what I assume is the degree of awake that I am. Please don’t thing I am making this up. I am just looking for real opinions for the cause of this. I saw there was an awareness site and hoped I could seek possible answers here. The story gets a little more strange but I don’t wish to over share at this time. I would like to be taken seriously and not brushed off like I’m crazy. I also don’t mind making myself known. I do not have to remain anonymous, if this will help in being taken seriously. Also, if this isn’t what your site is about please let me know and I will seek assistance elsewhere. Thank you!