How are people celebrating HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH?

I wonder, what are people doing to celebrate Hexagonal Awareness Mont this year? What sort of family or classroom activities could one plan to help raise HEXAGONAL AWARENESS, particularly among those who perhaps have not given it much thought in the past?

Perhaps if there were some sort of list of local gatherings in particular cities and whatnot, it could help people connect with other hexagonal awareness celebrants in their area?

Can anyone think of any features or resources that could be added to this site in advance of Hexagonal Awareness Month to help potential celebrants confront these issues?

Submitted by hexagonalawareness - 2013-02-21 04:16

I think you raise many important questions, Graham. Certainly anyone looking to spread word of LOCAL HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH EVENTS should consider posting about them here, or submitting relevant details through our contact form. Ideally we will be able to set up some sort of events page or what have you.

Hexagon Party?

Submitted by anonymous - 2013-02-22 17:10

Playing Settlers of Catan and eating honeycomb candy.


Submitted by anonymous - 2013-02-25 19:52

I am celebrating it by playing Super Hexagon! It's a way to have fun and celebrate Hexagonal Awareness Month at the same time!

Ways To Celebrate Hexagonal Awareness

Submitted by fslack - 2013-02-26 20:18

There are some wonderful Hexagonal games out there! Starting with Hexagong (my favorite of course), but -- as I search for my Daily Hexagon to post on the Hexagong FB page, I have come across some very cool non-virtual games: Hexagonal chess in several forms, Hex-A-Gon, Hex and Aggravation, to name a few.

I've found hexagonal musical instruments (we could make hexagonal music!), much wonderful hexagonal art (interlocking pencils, anyone?), hexagonal flowers, tattoos, rocks, crop circles, and -- always -- organic chemistry! Plenty of gist for the activity mill there.

There are some beautiful examples of hexagonal architecture and craftsmanship out there. We could have a day of celebrating Hexagonal Buildings!

One day must, of course, be set aside just for Saturn's North Pole, which displays the largest hexagon in the solar system.

There are a bunch more good hexagonal game apps, too -- I play Hexalex a fair bit, but there are more. Perhaps a day where we collect and display all the Hexagon Game Apps?

Hexagong's FB page has 30 or so cool Hexagonal items or images - not a bad place to start - and I'm finding another one every day.

From the Hexagong Crew at Missing Marble

Submitted by graham - 2013-02-26 21:28

Wow I had no idea the HEXAGONG page was posting DAILY HEXAGON PICTURES. What an exciting new resource for daily hexagonal pictures to discover. If you find yourself needing moar pictures, feel free to mine for material. There is a lot of, I'll be honest, total crap on there, but there are usually—hopefully—at least a couple somewhat interesting things per day, on average. I suppose. I don't really keep track of it though, I find reading my own blog to be somewhat tedious.

I agree the field of HEXAGONAL GAMES is vast and deserves to be properly recognized and celebrated. I myself have never attempted to do this comprehensively, because like, I'm not really that into the games. If someone who knew the industry—or at least played a lot of games—were to compile some sort of canonical directory of HEXAGON-RELATED games, I think that would have the potential to be a really important step forward for the hexagonal movement.

It would be great to set aside particular times to celebrate the various facets of hexagons awareness and culture - hexagonal architecture, hexagonal music, etc - but I am hesitant to do anything that could be construed as trying to impose a top-down structure on the nature of Hexagonal Awareness Month, at least at this critical juncture. It is my hope that, over time, as local celebrations become more and more common, perhaps informal traditions and customs will emerge from local hexagonal awareness scenes, and eventually coalesce into a vibrant and coherent global tradition, with specific days for customary celebrations of particular hexagonal phenomena, etc. And I would encourage anyone with access to a public forum such as a Facebook page to consider putting forward such thematic structures as they deem appropriate. But, as a de facto neutral ambassador for the entire HEXAGONAL AWARENESS MONTH movement, I would be hesitant to endorse any particular scheme at this time.

Submitted by anonymous - 2013-03-03 17:26

I'm going to change the emblem of my Spartan in Halo into a hexagon. I feel that editing my ingame avatar is the best way to support important causes. With this, I don't need to spend money on donating to hexagon funds, other polygonal funds, or any geometric causes whatsoever. I've already done my part.

Submitted by rhiannonator - 2013-03-04 23:03

Personally, I thought I'd create a hexagonal themed dance routine and perform it every night with a hexagon hat on under the light of the moon which I'm going to cut into a hexagon


Submitted by anonymous - 2013-03-12 10:10

Playing Super Hexagon all month long.

Submitted by anonymous - 2013-03-22 16:32

Just finished Super Hexagon on Hyper Hexagonest difficulty.

Feels good.

Submitted by anonymous - 2014-02-27 23:49

I've been celebrating it by giving and receiving massages with a hexagonal shaped beeswax massage bar!!

Submitted by anonymous - 2014-02-27 23:50

OH YEAH! I also wanted to raise Hexagonal Awareness in Japanese youth culture ... so I went to a Japanese rap show wearing neon pink and black Hexagonal Patterned tights! They were totally digging it XD

Hello there!!

Submitted by mrmini - 2014-03-05 20:53

Here in Ibiza we are doing our anual meeting with our artistic group, "Colectivo Hexagonista" on 15th, i'll post some photos. As tomorrow is 6th, we'll stream online one artist battle that you can see at 22:00 (Spanish time, UTC+1) on On 29th there is another event in Ibiza and the artistic collective will be there, probably with our hexagonal estructure. During this month we'll try to organice something in Salamanca, another Spanish City, and from Doha here you have an hexagonal mall

We'll be great to organice a chat with any or many of you, we'll like to contact with local press in Ibiza, so please contact us in

Make the hexagon be with you!!


Submitted by anonymous - 2014-03-11 02:30

This site is pretty hexy, and I approve. I work at an architect office; what can I do do promote hexagonal structure in modern architecture? Are there any resources explaining the practical and aesthetic qualities of the hexagon, relevant to the construction of buildings?

Submitted by graham - 2014-03-15 02:29

mrmini - I regret missing the livestream. Let me know via email or something if you do that again, or if you want to organize some sort of other remote event—this may come as a shock but I don't actually check this site on a daily basis, even during Hexagonal Awareness Month. It sounds like you people are doing great things over there though. Keep up the good work.

anon - I assume you have at least a passing familiarity with Bucky Fuller's work, but if you haven't already done so, I encourage you and your associates to look into his Synergetics material, particularly as it pertains to the so called isotropic vector matrix, tetrahedral accounting, etc. He developed a whole coordinate system and whatnot based on the tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb, and went into a great deal of detail quantifying and articulating various aspects of tetrahedral-octahedral/FCC spatial relationships—which, somewhat surprisingly, nobody had apparently done before. Honestly he might even go a bit further than I would in discounting the importance of orthogonal coordinate systems (which in and of themselves I've never had a real problem with - though I'm certainly not an engineer). Regardless, I mean, I've never read all his core material myself—it is a bit dense—but one way or another I think it represents the nucleus of what will eventually give rise to the more fully-developed science of hexagonal architecture and design in the future, and would thus be worth considering more fully, particularly for those in relevant fields of work. I can't really think of anything else at present, or anything directly related to architectural aesthetics per se, but certainly let me know if you ever do come across anything specifically related to this in the future.