Hexagonal Awareness Month 2014

As noted yesterday, we have officially revamped this site for HAM 2014. As part of this process, we've updated the footer event links to reflect this year's event pages:

If readers are aware of events not listed here, like on weird second-tier social networking sites or what have you that nobody actually uses (besides G+), please do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll add them to the list.

Those looking to participate in or facilitate Hexagonal Awareness Month events in their local communities are encouraged to do so through whatever channels seem most ergonomic to the attainment of such ends. Prospective organizers should feel free to post in our Forum if they think this might be conducive towards accreting interest in such an event, but it should be borne in mind that, of course, it won't, since nobody ever uses the forum, and it sort of sucks anyway. Most likely one would have better luck trying to raise interest on one of the event pages, or directly through one's immediate social conections, &c. Or at any rate through some medium with more foot traffic than this site. Which, as far as I know, isn't actually seen by anyone.

We'll keep this post updated with a comprehensive list of known, public Hexagonal Awareness Month events as the month progresses. There are, of course, no such events known about at this time.

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